Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Too much time on his hands

I had a totally random thought today (actually I had two - the Captain in Captain and Tenille’s real name was apparently Daryl Dragon. I even looked it up). I’ve never been to a christening in my life - thanks to my family being godless heathens - but if I ever was forced to go to one I’d be very disappointed if there wasn’t a random series of murders taking place around the city at the same time a la The Godfather. Just wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. A bit of “Do you renounce Satan?” at the same time as another Melbourne underworld figure is blown up in the Eltham RSL would be super.*

Of course the fact that I was sitting around in Camberwell for five freaking hours waiting for my car to be fixed probably contributed to the air of random thought. And then some idiots sent over the wrong part and it couldn’t be done until tomorrow.

* Of course I renounce nothing. When the whole religious thing is proved true I’m fucked.

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