Thursday, 4 September 2003

David Baddiel and Frank Skinner will be able to buy a small African country each soon if any more Australian TV networks rip off their ideas.

After the Game on Channel 10 is a really good show, based on Fantasy World Cup which ran during the '98 World Cup. I presume it only screens in the main AFL states because the bandwagon "we love the Lions/Bears/whoever until they start losing again" people probably don't understand how the game works without being in a corporate box at the SCG.

Merrick and Rosso Unplanned, however, is based on a rather pointless show they did a few years back where the whole point is that it's 'unscripted' (for them anyway, the audience questions are clearly loaded) and hilarity ensues. To be fair it wasn't that bad but that's not the point. If it's not really spontaneous (and I have my doubts) then why bother? Why not just sit down and write some proper scripts? These two could do an awesome comedy show, this is not it. If it is all done on the spot what's the point? There's nothing funny about awkward silences.

The one advantage of 'unplanned' was that it featured an audience member that was such a nerdlinger he makes me look cool. I demand that he follow me around everywhere from now on to provide an appropriate contrast.

I predict that in six months time when the show has been axed the same people who stacked comment boxes with crap about how Skithouse was misunderstood will haunt the same comments sections and tell us how we don't give Australian comedy a chance or something. I'd like to say hello to them now and point out that I thought they were sad months before they even thought about posting.

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