Saturday, 6 September 2003

And another thing..

I'll tell you what really shits me about the finals (apart from the fact that Melbourne are too USELESS to feature in them with any regularity). I'm sick to death of that bloody tape of the national anthem they play before every non-Grand finals match. Every city in Australia is full of ten thousand musicians who could easily walk out onto the MCG and play the thing before a packed house and would probably do it for free yet they insist on playing this pissy recording from 1986 instead.

The players all line up in perfect formation for some warbler to come out and let rip and then that familiar orchestral arrangement fires up and we're left with the same thing we heard the day Gary Lyon went ballistic against the Dogs in 1994.

Then when they do drag somebody in for the Grand Final it's usually your "where are they now?" Julie Anthony type candidate. I'm no fan of Delta Goodrem, but at least they were onto something new and exciting by hiring her this year before she got sick.

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