Tuesday, 19 August 2003

Nintendo = Yeast

What's the silliest idea you've ever had for a videogame? Big Brother simulation? All action in-depth political strategy in "National Party - The Offical Game"? A water-polo management strategy title? Well, whatever it is you've been beaten.

I posted about a Wuthering Heights RPG way back on November 11th last year with the contention that it was the strangest idea I'd ever seen - but I think we have a new winner.

Ladies and gentlemen of the gaming community, and indeed the world. I present to you,

Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold!

As Sack of Flour, a simple sack from a simple farm, your life is threatened by a plot to bake you to death! You must escape certain annihilation across the pernicious plains, the heinous hills, and through the ferocious forest into an unknown world where greater evils lurk around every corner.

The plot to end your life is far greater than you can imagine though, extending across space and time. Why do aliens want you dead? How have they taken control of our produce and livestock, and most importantly, our past? You must learn to master the Cosmic Gateways leading to the Shadow World and save the universe to save your life! You are SACK OF FLOUR!!!!!!!!!

Available for download now! Can you afford to wait a minute longer?

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