Friday, 13 January 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday: Seven years late

In 2004 budding radio tycoon Adam 2.0 was nice enough to invite me, completely untrained and never having been anywhere near a studio, to do a graveyard shift on SYN FM.

We called it Sunday Bloody Sunday as a tribute to Alan Partridge and made everything up as we went along. A lot of it was tripe and the two surving episodes are up and down like the proverbial but I think what's below is my favourite hour of the surviving recordings.

One day I'll get around to putting up the highlights of Episode 1 featuring borderline slanderous talk of Tom Jones cracking onto a teenage girl live at Caesar's Palace and a full, frank and quite possibly ABA licence cancelling discussion of the tit on the front cover of Cold Chisel's "You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful and You're Mine" live EP but this will have to do for now. Took me this long just to put this up good luck if the rest is done by the time I'm 70.

In the first episode we gave away glue to a Delta Goodrem fan and on Christmas Day that year 2.0 set out to indulge in the most ridiculous programming shift of all time - 24 hours straight on the air. According to a comment in this hour the world record was only 28 so it seemed fairly achievable that we could at least go close but sadly half the idiots who didn't confirm that they were doing their show that day turned up anyway and we spent most of the early evening playing cricket with some Indians in the grounds of RMIT where I kept being bowled attempting cavalier shots.

Sadly there's no surviving audio of the Christmas Day bonanza (and the shambles it rapidly turned into after midnight) or the fourth show and for some reason we stopped, presumably just seconds before being discovered by radio talent scouts and sent to do the breakfast program in Bunbury.

The music has been removed because frankly most it (which you'll realise from the announcing) was absolutely disgraceful and I'm not sure if we were being deliberately awkward or there was some higher reason for it all.

So, on that note allow me to present for the first time Sunday Bloody Sunday. Episode two, hour five, edited to remove the music because nobody cares about that slop. The Double B-Side edition - complemented by images that sort of match what is going on until the point where I got bored and just started adding images I had saved on my hard drive.

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