Thursday, 17 December 2009

TSP's Top 20 albums of the decade

20 – Peaches – The Teaches of Peaches
Middle aged Canadian filth, part one.

19 - The White Stripes – Elephant

18 - The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
The band who dominated the first five years of the decade before being distracted by side projects and other various shenanigans.

17 - The Libertines – The Libertines
For about five minutes they were the best band in the world. Then Pete Doherty upped his drug intake to Herculean levels, robbed his bandmate's flat, shacked up with a supermodel and saw it all go wrong.

16 - The Young Knives – Voices of Animals and Men

15 - Electric Six – Fire

14 - Lily Allen – Alright, Still

13 - Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger

12 - Peaches – Fatherfucker
Middle aged Canadian sleaze, part two.

11 - The Strokes – Room On Fire
In all honesty it wasn't THAT bad of a second album, it just didn't match up to the first.

10 – The Hold Steady – Boys and Girls In America
A Bruce Springsteen for the 21st century. If you ignore the fact that Bruce is still kicking.

9 - My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Yeah? And?

8 - The Libertines – Up The Bracket

7 - Lovage – Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
Probably the best music to crack on to since Barry White's hey-day.

6 – Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts of the Great Highway
Try the lengthy Duk Koo Kim, a 14 minute homage to a dead boxer. Unbelievable.

5 – Kings of Leon – Youth & Young Manhood
So much better than the albums they got famous from.

4 – New Young Pony Club – Fantastic Playroom
Late 00's electropop fever. Early returns on the next album show it might be hard to match this.

3 – Drive-By Truckers – Southern Rock Opera
A two disc concept album loosely based on the lives and deaths of Lynyrd Skynyrd. It shouldn't work. But it does.

2 – Morrissey – You Are The Quarry
A nine year hiatus shattered with a corker of a comeback. Next two albums declared "very ordinary".

1 – The Strokes – Is This It
Simply amazing. They'll never do anything like it again.


Paul said...

I think I've listened to, like, four of those records. Is This It was pretty good, but was made redundant by a live tape i had of them playing all those songs off Triple J.

Lovage - I thought Elysian Field's Queen of the Meadow was a better record, as was Tomahawk's Mit Gas (in terms of Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton's contributions to the decade), but the weirdness of the record sees me come back to it once a year or so. I knew a guy once who had the instrumental version of the record.

Disappointed with the absence of the Manics' Journal For Plague Lovers, where they exhume the corpse of Richey James for their best effort in 15 years.

Bron said...

Again, only familiar with a handful.

I must say I'm pretty upset you left out "Paging Mr Strike" - Machine Gun Fellatio.