Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hysteria Central

I'm continually irritated by these bollocks TAC road safety ads that the taxpayer are funding.

The latest one tells us that 20% of fatalities on Victorian roads have "some trace of drugs" in their system. Well that's wonderful. But what does that actually mean? 0.5 is the arbitrarily declared line where you cross from safe driver to dangerous pisshead, but what level is it that you're a deadly menace on drugs? Obviously somebody who has hoovered up 10 lines of gear is not somebody you're going to want to share the road with - but what about when it's in their system the next day. Are they still supposed to be seconds from disaster?

I've never had to do the maths to beat a drug test - and I've had a few - but everyone knows that this stuff stays in your system for days. How many of those 20% had used drugs on the same day that they had their accident - and how do they know? It's a sensible message wrapped up in the typical hysterical bullshit.

And what the hell is up with the ad where it goes on for a minute about people "smoking joints" but doesn't even bother to consider the fact that most people who are going to smoke and drive and probably ripping bucket bongs not smoking enormous Cheech and Chong style reefers.

Shithouse. I notice nobody had any great interest in stopping the guy who drove past me at about 120kmh on the freeway today.


DonkeyBlog said...

Yeah, or the taxi drivers who continually force me off the road while riding my pushy to work ... and they recently enacted laws in Victoria to "get" cyclists who break the road rules. They've stationed bicycle cops along Swanston St to make it happen too. Blimey!

Give me a couple of gentle, Mars-bar searching stoners any day

Big Daddy said...

I'd love to be as blunt as Homer Simpson here..
Quote "To baby, welcome to dumpsville. Population - You"
Our society is running headfirst into desctruction...
People in power only care about the almighty $$$$'s.
Type "Religion" on a google search. 2nd (or 3rd) on the list is George Carlins take on it... Very very funny indeed.
If only there were more people like that (and you Adam) in this world..

Your blog is awesome dude... Love your take on life and reading about the Dees...
Whats happening with Mr Celtic (Stynes) ??

Big Daddy said...

I love the old Kitchen Fire add...

"Oh my goodness...The chips!!!"

Always used to have a laugh as a kid growing up when that came on.