Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Kritics Korner *SPOILERS BE HERE*

My problems with the new James Bond film..

(Stop reading now if you haven't seen it, I will not be held responsible otherwise)

* The name - Complete bollocks.

* The villain - Remember when Bond villains would try and destroy the world so they could float around space procreating a new master race? Well, this guy is stealing water from Bolivians. Thrillsville - where do I buy the Mr. 3A action figure?

* The girl - Decidedly average

* Bond goes "rogue" - Yawn

* Gadgets - None. Not even that funky thing he had last time that started his heart from the car after he'd been poisoned. A GPS phone? How exciting.

Purists will probably be throwing bricks at their keyboard reading this, and let's not forget that I actually like Moonraker so who am I to have an opinion, but I'm telling you if that movie hadn't had James Bond on the marquee then it would never have been made. Daniel Craig is a sweet Bond, because without him that would have been nothing more than a very average Vin Diesel movie. If it had been the king of slop Pierce Brosnan I probably would have walked out after five minutes.

2 stars. Must try harder.

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TimT said...

If you really want a laugh go and see Pierce Brosnan in 'Thomas and Friends: The Great Discovery'! The King of Slop finds his true calling.