Thursday, 15 May 2008

I'm used to nobody knowing what the hell most of the new music I listen to is. In a way it's a blessing, but at the same time you always feel like it would be nice if SOMEBODY knew what was going on.

How shocked was I, then, when I randomly heard MGMT's Time To Pretend on Nova the other day. A fine song, part of my top 50 of 2007 (not that you know now that the post has been destroyed with the rest of my recent archives *boo hoo*) but hardly your kommercial radio klassics. I'm guessing they dull out the bits about honking onto heroin.

First Nova save Kavalee from the scrapheap, and now this. They might be my favourite radio station - although that's not hard given the steaming pile of slops that everyone else on the dial is serving up.

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