Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Nerd Zone

Getting roped into a workplace trivia quiz can be dangerous stuff. Today I was roundly booed for knowing who the boxer known as Hands Of Stone was. Thank god I didn't admit I probably only knew because one of my favourite blogs was named after his most famous statement or it would have all been ever.

Then I redeemed myself by having no of what a Star Trek answer was. Credibility saved for another few hours...

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Codine said...

Hey, Adam!

It's good to see you're still around after all this time. I've had some pretty terrible issues moving my WordPress over to my new domain and only recently got it sorted out.

Anyway, despite your move to Blogger, it's good to see your quality is as good as ever, and your thoughts just as amusing as original as they were when I first found your little slice of the Internet.