Tuesday, 11 December 2007

In this era of global warming and environmental consciousness, where even people watering their gardens with ‘grey’ water get bricks thrown at them by concerned citizens does nobody say anything about Christmas lights. The amount of energy being spewed out to power the thousands of suburban displays must be obscene. And for what? At least if you’re wasting electricity and helping contribute to sticking the final knife in planet earth you may as well be doing something of importance. Like writing this post perhaps? Will certainly contribute more to society than some riggy display featuring Santa’s considerable sack (sure 0.000000000001% isn’t much of an impact, but it’s better than nothing). At least for the brown coal required to make this post you can come back and read it in six months, or god forbid write back and tell me to stick the entire concept.

Take note, this is probably the first and last environmentally friendly post you’re ever likely to see on TSP.

P.S - Christmas? Bah.

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