Thursday, 22 November 2007

Police = Down With The Kids

The story is fairly standard - teenager drinks self into a coma. Happens every week, don’t know why it’s newsworthy all of a sudden.

However, check out the quality commentary by the officer in charge of the case;

There was little police could do when people were drinking in a private home, Sgt Clarke said.

But he urged school leavers to have a responsible adult with them when they partied.

“These young people, in a lot of cases, have got little or no experience with alcohol and they’re going out and absolutely cutting sick with no idea of what they’re doing,” he said.

ZOMG! Fully sick! Good to see the police finally getting with the youth of today. Not that it always works though…

Let’s face it, teenage drinking hasn’t been on the agenda since that kid couldn’t walk across the log in the ad during the 80’s. And if you listen the people who get hysterical about ‘recreational’ drugs they’ll probably tell you that it’s better that she necked half a bottle of Smirnoff then it would have been to honk onto one E. So kids, drink it up.

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