Sunday, 20 March 2005

More Victorian AFL teams? Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking by the Herald-Sun.

Personally I'd settle for the return of the VFA (even without my mediocre local side) with the AFL reserves as a separate competition again. Who doesn't miss Dandenong, Oakleigh, Prahran and Brunswick? And how many of us want to see a decent curtain raiser before every AFL game? I used to show up early to watch the Melbourne reserves every week (and even the Under 19's sometimes in the very old days), on the other hand I've seen Sandringham once since the AFL/VFL (and what is up with that name?) 'agreement' started. There might be a sizeable group of listed players running around out there but it's not really Melbourne. When I look at the results I don't give a monkey's whether they win or not, just that our players were amongst the best on ground. It was different when you watched the reserves, even if half the people playing were just fill-ins they were still wearing your teams jumper and you still wanted them to win.

Can we have the mid-season draft back too while we're at it?

I'm starting to get nostalgic again, somebody shoot me.

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