Sunday, 28 November 2010

20 to 1: Amusing Greek Terrorists...

... AKA the episode that Bert refused to host.

There must be an art to coming with a name for your armed commando group. Once somebody has decided to step over the line and start pinging firebombs at TGI Fridays in protest at increased curly fry prices the next step is to come up with a catchy name that will strike fear into the hearts of capitalists everywhere.

In Greece left-wing terrorism is practically a national sport, but as you can see from this list they are also beset with a cavalcade of baffling group names.

I'm not sure if we're missing something in the translation from Greek to English but surely the last thing you want to do is to set off your dinky little bomb made from wires and ping pong balls then send the letter to the paper claiming responsibility with a name that will be laughed out of the room. Sadly it appears in Greece that this is not the case and their groups end up soundling like power ballads, ice hockey teams, events of the Decathalon and Belle & Sebastian album tracks.

So, here's twenty of the best. Try and guess which ones Phil Collins will name his new album after.

20. Solidarity Gas Canisters
19. Anarchist Attack Teams
18. Children of Fire
17. Anti-Power Struggle
16. Chaotic Attack Front
15. Consciously Enraged
14. Fires of Hell
13. Anarchist Faction for Subversion
12. Thus Far and No Further
11. Uncontrolled Rage
10. Fighting Guerillas of May
9. Knights of the Torched Bank
8. Revolutionary Torch-Bearing Run
7. Movement Against State Arbitrariness
6. Torrid Winter
5. The Committee for Promotion of Intransigence
4. Melting Nuclei
3. Nuclei for Promoting Total Catastrophe
2. Revolutionary Subversive Faction-Commando Unibomber
1. Anti-Authority Erotic Cells

* We do not endorse blowing anything up. I respectfully request that ASIO don't open a file on me just on the basis of this post alone, please at least take everything else into account.

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DonkeyBlog said...

Phil Collins - probably 12, but it should be 7.

Great to have you back on board.