Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Inappropriate headline behaviour 101

Monday, 8 June 2009

Contrast and Compare

I'm not suggesting legalising soft-drugs (well.. decriminalising maybe) but tell me that we've got the right law enforcement mix in this city and we'll all have a good old fashioned laugh together,

First there's this;

DOZENS of party-goers have been arrested after police used sniffer dogs to detect drugs at a Melbourne Park rave.

The Winter Sound System dance party, held at Melbourne Park, was marred by paramedics having to treat four people for overdoses of potentially lethal drug GHB.

Other drugs found include cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine.

Wouldn't have thought there would have been much trouble inside though. Lucky for all you violence fans we've still got the rest of the city - where sniffer dogs and police officers dare not tread...

The stabbing was among a spate of knife attacks that have marred the Queens' Birthday public holiday and left three men hospitalised.

The assaults, including a stabbing with a broken beer bottle in an elevator at Melbourne Central, continued to highlight what has been described as Melbourne's growing "knife-carrying culture".

The 20-year-old Glen Waverley man was left with serious injuries after being stabbed while waiting for the elevator after leaving a bowling bar on the third floor of the centre just before 3am.

Two men, unknown to the man, approached him as he stood with his friend and girlfriend in a lobby and began arguing with the group, a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

When the elevator's doors opened they pushed the man into the lift and stabbed him in his chest and stomach with the glass bottle before fleeing.

Just after midnight, another 20-year-old man was stabbed after being confronted by a pair of men near St Albans railway station.

The man was slashed across his neck and on his left hand after the men, aged in their 20s with dark skin, set upon him in Walmer Avenue.

And just after 7.30am three bandits targeted a pair of ravers returning from a dance party at Melbourne Park and forced the men to hand over their wallets and phones at knife-point.

The victims, aged 19 and 20, were walking along Swan Street after leaving the Winter Sound System dance party at Melbourne Park when they were approached by the group.

One of the men, who were all aged in their twenties, pulled out a knife and demanded the pair hand over their phones and wallets

Thank christ the cops were busy keeping the criminals off our street but having dogs sniff people's inner thighs just up the road.

Now, what do sniffer dogs really do? Three people overdosed on GHB - which is liquid and undetectable. You could take the viewpoint that people will be smart enough not to take something potentially lethal, or you can take the realistic viewpoint that people love getting off their nut and if they're going to get arrested for something that can be detected they'll switch to something that can't. Therefore people are bailed up for carrying relatively harmless stuff but can walk straight in the front door with a bottle of gear that can put them away in a matter of seconds.

Farcical. Oh, and if you've got a strong stomach for reading the ramblings of people who are fucked in the head then by all means read the comments on that story. For instance,

How sad has society become when so many people have to have stupid mind altering drugs to have a good time. What are these pathetic losers going to be doing in a few years time to have a good time, that's if they're not dead ???????? Losers, Losers and Losers, how else can you describe these fools ?????????
Posted by: " Concerned " of of the lawless state 5:21pm today

Yes, these new fangled mind altering substances. I can't believe that they suddenly appeared either! Cockhead.

What is a 'raver'? Oh, I know. It's a spoilt, obnoxious, selfish, spaced-out, irresponsible little mother-boy who thinks he's a superhero. They are a reflection of that god-awful doof doof noise they listen to. Memo to the police and ambulance service: let these oxygen thieves die in the gutter. It is what they deserve.
Posted by: Neil of basketcaseland 2:38pm today
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Note, it's just guys apparently. Please also note that you can always spot a bitter late 40's married guy who is desperate to cheat on his wife but has lost all his hair and put on 50kgs by use of the term "awful doof doof noise".

Start letting them die when they overdose - refuse medical treatment warn them before that medical services and hospitals will not waste resources on idiots who shove ILLEGAL substances into their bodies. It might just take one death before it gets through their thick heads and the ones that die - tough luck at least the IQ of Australia will increase.
Posted by: Jackie 1:45pm today
Comment 70 of 81

Why not refuse medical treatment to people who botch their suicide attempt as well? Isn't that just wasting resources on somebody who wanted to die anyway?

Wake up, pro-ravers and smell the coffee. Possession and Use of these drugs is illegal, despite YOU thinking you're somehow special and above the law and it's OK for you to take them. You aren't and it's not. Posted by: Ryan of Cranbourne 12:14pm today
Comment 65 of 81

I'm not taking shit from anybody who lives in Cranbourne about what should and shouldn't be legal.

The moron market sector. Morons take drugs. Morons dance to bad music. Morons don't know how to have fun without substances. Moron DJs paid better than live artists. Morons too stupid to chat to each other so they just turn up the music to cover the fact they hold moronic conversation. Morons fascinated by UV and laser lights. Morons going home alone. Morons who'd do it all again next week.
Posted by: Steve 6:50am today

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Steve - the barometer of all that is good and just in society.

Friday, 5 June 2009

*Insert hillarious Kill Bill gag here*

David Carradine. Some guy who nobody 30 years or less understands. Dead in Bangkok hotel room, allegedly in a
">perverse sex game scenario.
They're my favourite I must admit.

Thai police are investigating whether Kung Fu star David Carradine died during a sex game gone wrong.

The 72-year-old actor, who also starred in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films, was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room wardrobe with a rope around his neck and other parts of his body.

Police first said his death was suicide because there was no evidence of a struggle in the room and no bruising on Carradine's body.

Err, anyway. Play Fantasy Coroner and ask yourself this question. Why in Bangkok, of all cities, would you have to resort to such shenanigans? If it turns out that he really died die trying to get one way then he must have been the keenest masturbator on earth.

Now, if you're trapped in Launceston of an evening and get a bit randy maybe but for god's sake man - it's Bangkok. If Hoover became the common name for vacuum cleaners and people can call photocopiers a Xerox then surely Bangkok is the brand name for sleaze. Can't be bothered leaving the room? Just call room service you goose, don't climb into the cupboard and neck up.

Enough political comment..