Monday, 30 June 2008

Marketing Mania

So, right across South East Asia "Diet" Coke has been abolished and replaced with "Coca Cola Light". Sara Jessica Parker is flogging it to death and everyone's happy. So, why then is it still called "Diet Coke" here? Surely the word 'diet' has been discredited so much in the last few years that it's no longer a viable naming option.

Of course Wikipedia knows all,

* In the United States and Canada, the soft drink is called Diet Coke.
* In most of Europe, the drink is marketed as Coca-Cola Light, but often referred to as Cola or Cola Light. Coca-Cola has tried to discourage the use of these generic terms, and commercials refer only to "Coke Light" or "Coca-Cola Light."
* In French-speaking Canada it is called Coke Di├Ęte.
* In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic it is called Diet Coca-Cola.
* In Italy, the name Diet Coke was used until the early 1990s.
* In Mexico, Central, South America and most of the Caribbean it is called Coca-Cola Light.
* In many English-influenced non-English markets e.g. Chile and Israel, it is called Diet Coca-Cola. That was also the case in Scandinavia and Japan although the name Diet Coke was also used until it was changed recently to Coca-Cola Light.
* In Japan it has been called No Calorie Coca-Cola since April 2007.
* In India it is called Diet Coca-Cola. After much campaigning against Coca-Cola in India, Coca-Cola still sells well in Chennai and other cities.

Of course, it's all clear now - their marketing department here are sucking up to the Americans.

P.S - What the fark is Coca-Cola C2? Sounds more like a plastic explosive than a soft drink.

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