Friday, 2 February 2007

Train In Vain

Everyone’s whinging about the trains. Fair point too I suppose, when I used to try and go from Balaclava to the city you’d be lucky if only one train got cancelled. So when I walked into Spencer Street/Southern Cross station today trying to get to Camberwell I expected the worst. Then five minutes later a half empty train showed up, went round the loop and then express directly to Camberwell. Lovely stuff. If I worked for Newspoll I’d declare that meant the trains were actually quite good.

The people I really feel sorry for are the ones who work in the Connex call-centre. Ringing up and spazzing out at somebody who has absolutely nothing to do with the problem is a national sport in this country and I can imagine that there’s hundreds of idiots doing it. The problem is that as with everything else (Schapelle Corby, Van Nguyen, *insert cause of the week*) people read it in the paper, decide they “have to make a difference” despite being as powerless as anyone else and direct random abuse to try and make themselves feel better about being nothing more than a cog. Imagine the poor crunts who are standing on the barriers at stations? They’re akin to greeters at a casino but they’ve probably got every man and their dog hanging shit on them because the train doesn’t work properly. What does it achieve? Absolutely fuck all.

I don’t know. Buy a bike or something. Even better give up your job and live on a remote island where you can be at one with nature and talk to a volleyball all day.

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