Thursday, 25 January 2007

Holy Christ

They never advertised these jobs on Seek….

MELBOURNE councils are paying private investigators to receive “sexual services” from prostitutes in the push to shut down illegal brothels.
At least six councils across Melbourne have hired private detectives to prove and help prosecute illegal operations, with long investigations costing thousands of dollars.

Council lawyers and private investigators say that sexual acts, sometimes even intercourse, are extreme but necessary evidence to bring down the illicit brothels.

Councils including Melbourne, Port Phillip, Knox, Maroondah, Stonnington, and Yarra have all used the private investigators in the past two years, with investigators providing affidavits to court

And my money’s on those being the first affadavits ever presented to court which feature the words “then I rooted her” and end with “and after I paid her I went back to my normal duties”.

Meanwhile why even go to the trouble of hiring investigators? Just line up a few hornbags, give them a gift voucher, get them to sign a statement on the way out and watch the fireworks take place. I’ll even do it - for purely scientific reasons only of course. Surely you’d catch something but what a way to go.

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