Saturday, 16 May 2009

Kontroversy Korner

I've got an issue with the TAC and their advertising. Now, disclaimers ahoy, we're all about dropping the road toll and you should certainly never drive - or go into strange motel rooms with footballers - after 25 beers and a bottle of vodka BUT their two most recent ads are an absolute farce.

Commercial A - Speed

Opens with a bit of harsh piano work and a singer wailing about how "I've been looking so long at these pictures of you that I somehow believe that they're real". Heartstrings tugged out, everyone sheds a tear and the message is fairly obvious - don't drive like a dickhead and you won't wreck the lives of your, or somebody else's - friends and family. But then they cock it up with the worst tag-line of all time.

"This is why you're photographed when you speed."

Yeah, that's wonderful but get your list of speed cameras out and tell me how many of them are on roads with a top speed of 80kph or more. Are they suggesting that tragic loss of life in a variety of incidents is why people are being stung for doing 64 in a 60 zone? Who knows what the stories behind the advertisement are, but I'm willing to bet that most of them involved some serious 150 in a 100 zone style speed, not 55 in a 50 zone. We're photographed when we speed because the whole state revenue would go tits up without it. How many times do you see a report of a fatal speed related crash in the country? And how many times have you driven hundreds of kilometres through the country and not seen one speed camera or police radar?

There's no money in sticking a camera behind a tree in Yackandandah so they won't do it, there's a billion dollars to be made nailing people on the Westgate Bridge so they do. Don't try to pretend you're being high and mighty now. For the record I don't necessarily disagree with the 3kph lee-way on speeding. I think it could stand to be proportional to the speed limit itself, to admit that 63 is not the same as 103 but I can live with it. More importantly I firmly believe that anyone doing 20 or 30kph over the limit without the best reason ever should lose their licence for five years if not more.

The message is right. Slow the fuck down and behave yourself, but to pretend that nailing people for going 4 or 5kph over the limit at relatively low speeds is any kind of public service is a joke. Going by the comments on that Youtube video when anyone dared to suggest the ad is a farce I expect somebody to lose the plot over this but don't miss the point - speed is one thing but you're photographed to prevent a calamity at 121kph on the Hume Highway, not 64kph on Orrong Road. Direct your emotional blackmail to the right markets.

Commercial B - Drink Driving

Couldn't find a copy of this one online, but I'm sure you've seen it. Two guys are in a pub and have absolutely no idea if they're over the limit or not. One is bigger, one has been drinking already, the standard drinks aren't actually standard drinks anyway etc..

Now, my problem with this one is that they themselves are admitting that the system for measurement of drinks is an absolute farce and that .05 is actually one massive lottery where people who are just guilty and people who are off chops are thrown into the same basket. First things first, who decided what a standard drink consisted of and why the fark don't we change it already? If nothing actually constitutes 1 standard drink anymore why can't we change the definition?

Does their own ad not prove that nobody actually understands the BAC system. It's one thing to say everyone needs to know their limitations but surely in the 21st century we can come up with something better. Don't ask me what, I'm no boffin, but you've got about 5 million scientists around the world. Get cracking. Go out drinking one night and invest in a few goes at the BAC tester in the pub. Try and guess the point at which you cross .05 - I guarantee you'll miss by a mile.

Again, the mystical line between .049 and .05 confuses me. I know you have to set a limit somewhere but are we really sure that a fat bloke who racks up .049 is any less of a danger to himself or others than a 50kg female who gets .05? If you rack up .10 and are out of your car dancing to the police car lights then yeah you're pretty shit, but is it not true that there are people who can have one drink and lose their mind without going anywhere near hitting the point where it becomes illegal and/or technically dangerous.

Err yes, so if you're going to waste my taxpayers money on these ads then at least do something sensible and realistic with them. This says it all really;

(P.S - No, I haven't been nicked for drink driving or speeding recently or indeed ever)

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