Monday, 9 February 2009

TV Angst

Who the buggery decided that Julia Morris was allowed back on our television screens?

Just when you thought that her gurning, sub-Vince Sorrenti routine had been banished into the dark annals of TV history alongside the Bob Morrison show and Bruce Samazan hosting Tonight Live she's back to taunt us.

One round of Dancing With The Stars where they obviously couldn't find any real celebs, now it's Fernwood Fitness and All Bran ads where she does EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING ACT EVERY TIME. I barely ever watch television, but every time she comes on I want to ping a plate at the screen. I can't be the only one who wants that guru whose meditation class she interrupts to snap and spin kick her in the head.

1 comment:

Sir said...

Dont worry sir, one wednesday night you'll hear "whos the annoying cow who plugs fernwood?"

1 more point for oldest mate.