Thursday, 12 February 2009

Oh dear

In the wake of, shall we say, 'events' in the past week radio stations across the country are not surprisingly doing the traditional post-disaster thing and shedding any song which could look inappropriate.

TEEN chart-topper Jessica Mauboy has learnt about unfortunate timing.

Her song Burn has gone from being the fourth most played song on Australian radio last week to being removed from most commercial radio playlists because of its title.

Most radio chiefs decided to take the song off the air this week in light of the devastating Victorian bushfires.

etc.. etc..

Interesting then that on Tuesday night somebody in the Channel 9 programming department cocked up hardcore and let this follow their bushfire coverage..

10.00 - Half Past Dead

No really, they did

Wombat TV Hit Picks
Movie: Half Past Dead, 10:00pm. Tuesday.

Steven Seagal's career went from bad to good and back to bad again in the blink of an eye.

Then if that wasn't bad enough they followed that with something even more dubious. I haven't got a screenshot or any actual proof so feel free to pore over your TV guides (I suggest the one in Melbourne Weekly where the writer is openly contemptous of his job) and see for yourself.

Could an entire network possibly not realise they're about to offend... everybody?

UPDATE - The cricket coverage on Sunday night opened to a montage featuring.. Sex On Fire. I know their ratings are shit, but there's no reason to try and make sure that the whole network is going to hell.

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