Monday, 16 February 2009

Facebook ALLEGEDLY knows all..

Enough said really..


I'm not sure whether the original profile (no pictures, no friends - was up this morning) is legitimate or not, but sometime this afternoon somebody has started a real fake one with that one picture of him that's going around everywhere. Makes sense that he'd be all over Farcebook if he's doing MySpaz, but you never can tell.

Of course the media are all over the number of Facebook hate groups which have sprung up (and let me tell you I wouldn't be putting my name to any of that shit until the trial is over and he's well and truly convicted), because as we all know Facebook is the new #1 source for lazy journalists desperately searching for what "the real people" are up to. Naturally they're concentrating on the fact that everyone wants to kill him etc.. Welcome to the democratisation of the internet - where anyone with half a brain can log in and spout all sorts of 15th century bullshit about people being tied up over ants nest with petrol poured over them etc.. It's like the idiots posting in these groups are having a contest to see who can come up with a more sadistic form of capital punishment.

I'm not defending the guy, and if he's found guilty it should be time to lock him away, wave a bit and then throw the guy into the sea (as it should be for most murderers and rapists - but don't hold your breath) but it's a bit grim to have a bunch of suburban yokels comparing torture techniques. How come you can start an "Ivan Milat Fan Club" (5 members and counting) or a Bradley John Murdoch "comedy" profile without any backlash? Is the level of community outrage based solely on body count, or is this yet another case of the public clambering aboard a bandwagon that they will all silently back away from in 3 months time like Schapelle Corby or Van Nguyen. And how many of the people calling for garottings and the guillotine in this case were the ones waving their fists in the air and threatening never to go to Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore again (delete as applicable) when they imprisoned/executed people for drug trafficking. And we all - especially the bandwagon lunatic's paper of choice the Herald Sun - seem to have forgotten about the bloke who lost his mind and threw his kid off the Westgate Bridge all of a sudden - not important anymore?

What these groups tell me is that as flawed as our political system is, that it's a bloody good thing that the punters don't actually have any power because most of them are complete and utter clowns. And on that note is there any danger that anyone charged with being (allegedly) involved with this disaster is going to get a fair trial in Victoria? Good luck finding a jury of people who don't have some connection to somebody who was affected, or who have taken up the cause out of sympathy.

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