Monday, 1 December 2008

International Relations

On the weekend I went to a wedding. Thrilling eh? After all we've all done it - some thankfully less than others. In fact in 27 and a half years I don't think I've ever actually been to a wedding of somebody the same age as me that I knew.

ANYWAY, what was interesting about this one was the performance of the MC. For some ill-advised reason he prefaced his actual performance by coming out dressed as a stereotypical comical rabbi - complete with Star of David tshirt and ridiculous fake facial hair - and doing some routine about having come to the wrong place after being booked for a Bar Mitvah. Half the crowd ate it up (why?) and the rest of us sat there cursing that we weren't videotaping this grim fiasco.

Now - having not actually been there yourself and hearing one side of the story - please tell me that this was actually offensive and it wasn't just me. If he'd shoepolished up and walked out claiming to be Obama I'm sure somebody would have openly accused him of working racist gear and tipped a table over. Remember Sam Newman getting pounded for pretending to be Nicky Winmar? Sure that was on TV, but it still went down like a lead balloon. I was hoping he'd come out after the second break with a tea-towel around his head pretending to be Osama Bin Laden just to redress the balance but alas we were spared any further comic stylings.

And while we're at it how shit was Con the Fruiterer?

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