Sunday, 23 January 2005

Nice try dumbass

An 82-year-old white man who is a pastor left messages at three Trenton area black churches calling Martin Luther King Day a ‘nigger’ holiday. The Rev. Paul Shafran asked for forgiveness at a news conference held by black ministers to denounce the messages Wednesday. The pastor emeritus of Saint Vladimir Orthodox Church said he acted out of foolishness and without malice. Shafran could not explain why he made the calls on Monday. Shafran told the ministers he did not realize the ‘N’ word was offensive.

Sadly they don’t define ‘left messages’. Did he ring up and casually slip it into conversation or did he leave a ten minute answering machine message? Do you think it’s possible that he could know the word and not know that it was offensive? Unless he’s been listening to an Eazy-E album and decided that “they all call each other it, must mean something good” I seriously doubt it.

Ban this sick practice of organised religion now.

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