Monday, 24 January 2005

Labor leadership farce Pt. 12

One step (admittedly not a very big one) closer to 20 more years of Howard/Costello leadership! Celebrate/mourn as you wish. I’m beyond caring - both parties are a farce. What really fucks me off is that everyone’s bagging Beazley but they’ll all accept second best and vote 1 for him next time. Who else is there? Fucked if I know but there must, MUST be a better first option somewhere. Put the Fishing Party 1st and ALP second or something. But remember - if the Fishing Party end up running the country it’s not my fault.

LABOR’S foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd has pulled out of the race for the party’s top job but left the door open for a future run.
Flanked by his wife Therese and daughter Jessica, 21, Mr Rudd said he simply did not have enough support to contest the ballot at this stage.

Mr Rudd said he had made the decision with his family in the kitchen of his inner-Brisbane home only an hour before fronting the media at 3pm (AEST) today.

“I did not have enough votes to win – it is as simple as that,” Mr Rudd said.

“My view has long been that if you are going to contest a ballot for the Australian Labor Party for its leadership, you must believe that there are enough votes to win it.”

Denying he had “choked” or been bullied into withdrawing from the race, Mr Rudd said it would have been a “monumental act of political self-indulgence” to contest a ballot he knew he could not win.

“If I believed there was a way in which I could get enough votes to win this ballot for the leadership, I would be in like Flynn,” Mr Rudd said.

Imagine if Beazley actually won unopposed. They may as well just wind the entire operation up and start ALP 2.0. If I still had love for the Liberals I’d be pissing myself at the moment.

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