Friday, 21 January 2005

Fantastic January Flashbacks

Every once in a while, when I’ve nothing better to do, we take a trip down TSP’s memory lane and see what was happening in this very space one and two years ago. For those of you who have come on board recently look in shock and awe at what you missed while you were doing something more important, and for those who have been here from the start prepare to have your heart swelled with happy memories.

January 21st, 2003
* The internet offered me “local lesbians” which I turned down on the grounds that they prefer women to men.
* The Blogger color scheme was pissfarted around with. No point in clicking it because you won’t see the old design. Click here instead for the true experience. What a sexy design.
* Perth blog fans log on after golden shower post.
* Notorious nutter connects bushfires and Islamic extremists.

January 21st, 2004
* Popstars Live predicted to be a failure in one of the bolder Australian TV picks of our time.
* A 104-year-old parrot and it’s indecent language caused angst for all.
* Roy and HG’s tennis commentary tilt was appreciated by some - if not by tennis purist swine.
* Obsessive fans site dedicated to shit fast bowlers made us all smile.

January 21st, 2005
* Had nothing to say and filled in time with a flashback post.

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