Tuesday, 26 August 2003

Melbourne readers

I think that Wobbies World, which used to be in Nunawading near the old Channel 10 studios and went out of business sometime years ago was the greatest theme park in the world. Am I wrong?

Here's the Google Results for a search. Unfortunately the link is dead, but one of the results contains the greatest quote in history,

"It will be world-class, not some half-baked Wobbies World," one source said.

Come on.. It had a mini-golf course, a tram, some shonky aeroplane and a helicopter. What more could you want?
The good news is that now, just as you can live in the exact spot where It's a Knockout was once filmed, you can build a house right where the pissy helicopter once stood.

The site of this magnificent development was previously a children’s theme park. Known as Wobbies World, it provided fun and games for the very young. Now, Saxon Wood is a dream come true for adults. Saxon Wood will feature 32 double storey homes in a variety of designs and sizes ranging from 141 to 197 square metres and 12 apartments in a stylish three-storey building. Both the homes and apartments will feature the luxurious interiors and stylish finishes for which Australand is renowned.

Meanwhile somebody has paid an appropriate tribute by naming their porn site after the theme park. Does it involve a tram? I know somebody who'd sign up if it did - maybe it would cheer him up a bit.

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