Monday, 10 March 2003

Well, what a pointless public holiday that was.

For want of anything better to do with the day I decided to make the most of my employee free travel pass. It all started quite sensibly with a trip out to Williamstown Beach, that was all very lovely but I made a fatal mistake stopping at Spencer Street on my way home. It was there I noticed a train to Sale leaving in five minutes. To be honest I didn't even know where Sale was before today, I sure as hell do now. Three hours later I arrived to find a closed station, a carpark and not much else. I erred in not getting off one or two stops earlier in Morwell or Traralgon (mainly because I was worried i'd never get out of there) where the stations were right in the middle of the, admittedly small, town centre.

If i'd taken something to write with/on, or my laptop I probably would have concieved and written my first novel (obviously enough to be titled "Honk If You Hate Brett Lee") by the end.

What did I see? Ummmm, some power stations and the Drouin golf course would be about the extent of it. However some bogan did serenade me with a craptacular version of "After Midnight" between Glenferrie and Camberwell.

I have another two days off, and I can't see myself taking anymore wacky trips, so expect plenty of quality bloggage (stop laughing at the back) then.

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